About Us

FAST - Secure Retail POS Systems is an industry leader in design and application into the Thrift Store POS software marketplace. Our company’s Thrift shop POS system, S-TAGS, is a simple and efficient solution. We understand that production speed is key to a successful thrift store operation and S-TAGS WILL INCREASE THE SPEED IN WHICH YOU GET ITEMS TO THE FLOOR.

SIMPLE - Because our barcode tagging software is so EASY TO USE, S-Tags is suitable for both non-profit and for-profit stores. Many of our end users are staffed with volunteers that have little or no experience on a computer. With S-Tags bar code tagging software this is not an issue, your team can be printing tags after only 5 minutes of training or less.

Leaders in Thrift Store POS

Secure Retail POS Systems is an industry leader in Thrift Store POS software design and application. Some of largest thrift store chains in the United States and Canada utilize our Thrift POS Solution, S-TAGS, and its versatility makes a perfect solution for single store operators as well. With a decade of serving the Thrift Store POS marketplace, many key software features were requests from our end users. We handle the entire system installation, with complete Help Desk support after install. Plus, we provide customers a complete offering of tier 1 hardware supplies such as receipt paper, printer ribbons, product labels, and barcode ribbons.

Our solution is a “source to sales” approach, developed and evolved from Thrift Store customer feedback. The aim was to solve the problem of having to manage thousands of unique, one-off products across many categories. S-Tags Retail helps you optimize profitability at all stages of your supply chain, and maximize your margins. S-Tags POS solution is a one of kind offering that is affordable and extremely easy to implement and use. Live and other timely reporting is available to your desktop and to your mobile devices to provide you the ability to manage remotely when needed.

For an online demonstration of the S-Tags Thrift Store POS System or to speak with one of our existing clients to get an end users perspective, please Contact us.