System Overview

About S-Tags

S-Tags Retail is the most extensive point of sale offering for the Thrift Store Industry, built by thrift operators with over 50 years of experience in the thrift shop and used clothing industry. Our solution is a “source to sales” approach and has been developed to give you the ability to manage thousands of unique, one-off products across many categories. S-Tags Retail produces extensive data and reporting to help you understand profitability at all stages of your supply chain, manage and maximize your margins, track all your products and give you time to focus on customer service. S-Tags is a one of kind offering that is affordable and extremely easy to implement and use.

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Why is S-Tags different from any other POS software?

We asked ourselves that very same question. We then asked ourselves, how can we effectively manage thousands of one-off items? We wanted to track the profitability of where they came from, how long they were on the floor and which products were making us money. It was many other considerations like this that made us realize we needed specific, easy to use software to run your stores more effectively. This is why we designed the entire S-Tags Retail experience – to make it as easy to use as possible while supporting the unique needs of the Thrift industry.


We paid special attention to developing the following benefits for your business:


Easy to Use Day to Day

Designed with input from people who work in our industry, including sales and pricing staff, and developed for non-technical and day to day use by a variety of staff and volunteers. It provides useful and sophisticated data for owner/operators to make key decisions, and to make it easy for store managers and floor staff to provide excellent service for a great customer shopping experience. Easy to price, easy to discount, easy to manage returns, plus a host of other functions specific to thrift using user friendly desktop software. It is really that easy!


Low Cost of Ownership

In addition to a low cost of entry, you do not need to own and manage servers onsite. S-Tags Retail is backed up with 7 days a week support through the use of a desktop application that automatically synchronizes information from the store to headquarters. By partnering with Secure Retail POS, we take care of all the IT complexity, so you will not require any additional IT expertise at your business.



Simple to set up and start up. Moreover, even if your Internet connection goes down, your store can work offline and keep the business running. There is simply no downtime. When you are connected to the Internet, your data will sync to headquarters automatically and simple, easy to use real-time reports can be sent to your desktop or mobile device. That way, you can see how the store is doing even when you are not there.


Robust Data for Day to Day & Strategic Decisions

All the information you need about your supply chain and your products to make better business decisions. Real-time sales reports by product category, price point and store comparisons, the ability to monitor discount campaigns, and the ability to understand your margins from source to sale, including reports on which products or categories move fast or do not sell. This data gives you a better understanding of your whole business and helps you make faster decisions to increase your revenue and profitability.


Ongoing Support

We partner with you to provide a fully supported software solution. We help you set-up and conduct initial staff and management training. Most importantly, we are available to support you should you have any technical issues. What kind of features does S-Tags Retail have that will help my thrift business? S-Tags Retail has been developed specifically for thrift, by a team who works in the Thrift Technology industry, so the software is designed for the unique challenges that we all face as thrift operators. The software is set up to handle the 1000s of one-off products that need to be tracked, sourced, processed, priced, put on the floor, sold or discarded. On top of all that, the software can show you which products are making you money. S-Tags Retail isn’t a generic retail product that requires lots of customization to make it work for thrift. S-Tags comes ready to work in a thrift environment with standard features built for the industry. S-Tags Retail helps you better manage your Store Operations S-Tags Retail helps you manage the front and back of your store more effectively.


Inventory Management

Manage incoming flow of products into the backroom. Measure the quantity of products received, produced, and determine product on hand in bulk.


Pricing and Tagging

Manage production of items and the dollar value of each product priced for the retail store. Provide real-time feedback to pricers on average pricing goals. All done with minimal training.


Gift Voucher Management

Sell, redeem and manage gift vouchers as an additional revenue generating tool across all locations in your chain, with no additional third party vendor costs.


Integrated Credit Card Processing

Easy connection to credit card clearing facilities for simple and inexpensive integration, providing payment choices for your customers and flexibility for your business.


Returns Management

A simple and automated way of accepting returns with proof of purchase for an in-store credit printed directly from the receipt printer, and redeemable chain-wide.


Loyalty Program

Manage and implement specific loyalty programs with points, discounts at the product level, category or store-wide level, and see how the program impacted sales through detailed reports tied to each loyalty promotion. All Loyalty promotion start and stop dates are automatic ensuring maximum profitability. The effectiveness of loyalty point program has been a big hit in thrift.


Promotions and Discounts

Manage and implement specific promotions and discounts at the product, category or store wide level, and see how each promotion impacted sales through detailed reports tied to each promotion. All promotion start and stop dates are automatic ensuring maximum profitability. And we’ve also got: Reporting and Analytics


Variety & Depth of Reporting

No other POS application provides the same breadth of analysis and reporting relevant to the Thrift industry. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting of all production KPI’s at store level. Data to create knowledge to help you better manage your supply chain and stores; improve product availability, margins and profitability.


Mobile Reporting

Live and other timely reporting are available to your desktop and to your mobile devices to ensure that you are “in the know” without always being “in the store”. Minimum Technical Requirements S-Tags Retail manages the technical infrastructure for your stores, but there are some hardware requirements for you to operate this point of sale system in and across your stores, including:

  • Windows 7/8/10 compatible PC (Desktop)
  • Dual Core PC w/2GB Ram minimum
  • 120 GB Hard Drive
  • High Speed Broadband Connection 



Product flow and Information Tracking



Multi-Store Hosting and Cloud Reporting