St. Matthew’s House Case Study

Secure Retail’s Thrift-Friendly POS & DataCandy’s Loyalty Platform help St. Matthew’s House Elevate Customer Engagement Initiatives

For over thirty years, St. Matthew’s House has provided innovative solutions to fight homelessness, hunger, substance abuse, and poverty in Southwest Florida. They are a 501(c)(3) which does not depend upon government funding, and their 100% donation model allows all operating expenses to be covered by unique social enterprises.

After previously experiencing the benefits that come from a loyalty and gift card program, they followed a recommendation from Secure Retail, a North American leader in Thrift Store POS systems, to adopt the DataCandy platform across its thrift store, coffee shop and car wash to unlock deeper insights about its loyalty members’ activity,

“DataCandy’s platform is top-of-the-line,” says Jamie Shedden, Director of retail operations at St. Matthew’s House. “The platform is so much more advanced than other loyalty systems in terms of functionality and data capture.”

As flagship-store manager Tera Denisen explains, St. Matthew’s House can now analyze the total number of loyalty members and their average spend per visit, unlocking a deep level of analytics with real-time insights into sales and profits gained. In only a few months, St. Matthew’s House saw its loyalty member base grow by over 40%.

“Everything with DataCandy is more sophisticated. We have a lot more capabilities,” says Denisen. “The DataCandy platform’s sustainability, dependability and ease of use makes managing loyalty operations at the store level simpler. We never have to worry about the system going down or about customers losing points.”

The seamless flow of information between the organization’s existing Logivision point of sale (POS), Secure Retail’s S-tag Thrift Store Tagging solution and DataCandy’s platform has enabled St. Matthew’s House to:

  • Transfer 30,000 existing loyalty member profiles to the DataCandy platform
  • Gain access to accurate data on loyalty member sales and points
  • Fully integrate its Logivision POS, Secure Retail S-tags Thrift Store Tagging solution and DataCandy loyalty program into a single, scalable customer engagement tool
  • Train its employees to use the new platform
  • Elevate customer engagement efforts
  • Build a database of member profiles, complete with shopping histories and email addresses
  • Send targeted promotions right from the dashboard
  • Assess the effectiveness of promotions and adjust its marketing efforts
  • Stand out from other local thrift stores and increase customer loyalty