Toshiba TEC ST-A10

Toshiba TEC ST-A10

Thrift Store POS

 Perfection by Design With the new ST-A10 15" Touch POS Terminal, this is more than a tag line; we have combined high performance, low power consumption and heat output, ease of maintenance, and Toshiba quality, all in an incredibly small...

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 Perfection by Design
With the new ST-A10 15" Touch POS Terminal, this is more than a tag line; we have combined high performance, low power consumption and heat output, ease of maintenance, and Toshiba quality, all in an incredibly small footprint and at an extremely competitive price. Please review the following information on this exciting new product now available from Toshiba.


Features of the POS Terminal

  • Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Legendary TOSHIBA Quality
  1. Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured by TOSHIBA TEC, the ST-A10 offers impressive mean time between failure rates of up to 4 years.
  • Ultra-low voltage CPU provides optimal performance with minimal power consumption and heat output.
    1. Reduce cost of electricity by as much as 500%.
    2. Reducing the carbon footprint minimizes the impact on the environment.
    3. Add-in the all new TRST-A15 Dual Side Thermal POS Printer, and lower your costs in consumables, and further reduce the impact on the environment as well.
  • “Tool-less” Serviceability minimizes investment in time and training for maintenance.
    1. All major components of the ST-A10 can be accessed without the need for tools.
    2. All major peripheral options can be installed without the need for tools.

    The ST-A10 Touch POS Terminal is designed, manufactured and approved by TOSHIBA TEC engineers to guarantee the world-class quality our customers have enjoyed for over 50 years. Therefore every ST-A10 Touch POS will withstand severe thermal and humid conditions, power fluctuations and radio interference and provide you with a reliable POS solution for years on end.

    The ST-A10 has been specially engineered and designed to handle airflow and provide the optimal cooling with one main CPU fan. During heavy operation, the ST-A10 fan will run at maximum capacity to cool unit, and then will continue to run at a lower, quieter speed during normal operations. This unique method maximizes the CPU cooling, while minimizing the amount of dust and debris that can build up inside a normal computer.

    Bringing maximum connectivity, simplified cable management, and an ultra-small footprint together in the ST-A10 Touch POS is the unique feat of the TOSHIBA TEC design center, taking styling clues from our world-class laptop series.

    TOSHIBA TEC is one of just a few genuine full retail technology vendors in the world, performing all of their own chassis and engine box development and construction.


    Face to face communications is important in sales and customer service. That is why the ST-A10 Touch POS has been designed to allow your customer to see eye to eye with the cashier. Dressed in stylish black with sleek vertical lines, the ST-A10 is your efficient sales traffic tool.

    Cool Processing
    The VIA C7 processor utilized in the ST-A10 Touch POS boasts breakthrough VIA TwinTurbo™ technology that allows the processor to switch between ultra low power modes to full speed operation in a single clock cycle, resulting in consistent performance with no stutters.

    New Tree on the Block
    TOSHIBA TEC products minimize your carbon footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of the product – getting a head start at our manufacturing facilities, through a long and productive life at your retail operation and ultimately in a controlled recycling process.

    The ST-A10 Touch POS is fully RoHS and WEEE compliant.

    Picture-frame POS Screen
    The TOSHIBA TEC ST-A10 Touch POS stands out with a high clarity touch screen and extreme durability. The ultra-thin screen edges effectively produce a picture-frame image that allows cashiers to use the POS to its full potential, as the outer edges are well-lit.

    The ST-A10 combines an incredibly small footprint with a simple, yet effective cable management system. Available in many configurations, and peripheral device support, the ST-A10 is the perfect terminal for many types of retail applications.

    “Clicakbility” is Good For You
    The ST-A10 features an easy clicking mechanism to reach interfaces and hard disk and to install customer display.

    This “tool-less” design allows you to spend less time on staging and service, and is great when depot or self service is your model.